Dimples defintion

    1. a small, hollow area or crease, permanent or transient, in some soft part of the human body, esp. one formed in the cheek in smiling.

    1. some cultures, such as Asian and Indo-ethnic sub-groups, tend to prefer dimples on one's cheek, as it is purported to be a sign of attractiveness, good fortune and veracity.

  1. dimples may also play a role in sexual selection.

Simple dimple

  • Minor surgical procedure
  • Local anaesthetic
  • Awake and comfortable
  • About 20 minutes to perform
  • Go home right away
  • Normal activities can be resumed straight away
  • Clinics in both London and Glasgow

Examples of dimple creation by Shailesh Vadodaria

Below are some examples of dimples created by Shailesh Vadodaria. To see more, including dimple creation surgery before and after photos, go to the gallery page.


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Shailesh Vadodaria title text

Consultant Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.

Shailesh VadodariaM.B.B.S, M.S
(Gen. Surgery)
M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)
FRCS (Plastic Surgery)

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