Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create dimples on the cheek?

The procedure is normally done under local anaesthetics as a day case. It takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes of surgical time.

What precautions do I need to take after the surgery?

You need to complete the course of oral antibiotics for a period of five days. You will be prescribed with painkillers which only need to be taken if you have any intolerable pain. Normally our patients following this procedure do not need painkillers from the second day following surgery. We will prescribe you with antiseptic gargles. You must observe your oral hygiene by keeping your mouth clean with antiseptic gargle following any food or drink.

When should I contact you following the procedure?

You are advised to confirm the follow up appoints after the procedure with our office. You should expect to see our team member within a week following the procedure. You must contact our team earlier if you develop any fever, pain which cannot be controlled with prescribed painkillers, swelling or redness on the operated area. This is not very likely to happen.

What are the possible complications?

As with any other minor surgical procedure, complications can develop following dimple creation surgery. e.g. Scarring, bleeding, infection, hyperpigmentary changes, undercorrection, overcorrection, asymmetry, injury to neighbouring structures such as minor branches of seventh nerve and parotid duct.

When can I resume my daily routine?

The dimple creation procedure is performed under local anaesthetics as a day case. The effect of local anaesthetics last for a period of up to two hours. There will be a 1.5 centimetre skin colour paper dressing on your cheeks. You may wish to resume your routine on the same day. The stitch/stitches are removed within one week.

Can I have dimple(s) of exact depth, shape and dimensions?

Dimple creation procedure is not an exact science. It is not possible to predict accurately the depth,size and shape of the dimples. However, majority of our patients are satisfied with the results.

What is the rate of revisional surgery in your practice?

The majority of our patients are happy with the outcome of the procedure. Between 7 and 10% of our patient require revisional procedure under local anaesthetics. Majority of them are for requesting further deepening of the dimple.


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